Many of you may have seen the film ‘War of the Roses’ in which Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas play spouses who are going through a divorce.  It is fair to say it is not amicable and they devise increasingly extreme tactics to get at each other. Thankfully, there is a better alternative to deal with separation and divorce.

Going through separation and divorce is inevitably an emotional and testing time.  When feelings run high there can be a temptation to draw lines for battle. That is where the Resolution Code of Practice comes in to its own.

Resolution is an organisation whose members follow a Code aimed at reducing potential conflict in these situations. All the members of the Farleys family law team are members of Resolution.

To help reduce potential for conflict, Resolution members aim to help their clients manage the long-term emotional consequences of the decisions that need to be made and deal with correspondence in a non-inflammatory way.  The correct tone and content of correspondence between the parties can play a key role in moving toward an understanding being reached without matters simply deteriorating in to a ‘slanging match’ that can become costly and unproductive.

One of the other core objectives where there are children concerned is to encourage those clients to put the best interests of their children to the forefront of their minds throughout the process of separation and beyond.

Advice will be given on all the available options so that an informed choice can be made as to how best to proceed.  Not all negotiation processes are suitable for all people and it is important to identify what is likely to work best for you in the most cost effective way (both emotionally and financially) whether this be mediation, collaborative law or other approaches.

Don’t go the way of the Roses.  If you find yourself needing advice about separation or divorce then find a better way and see a solicitor who is a member of Resolution.

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