Farleys accepted instructions from client W in a claim as a result of abuse suffered during the 1970’s at Stonecross School. The abuse claims department here at Farleys has already successfully acted for various other Claimants in relation to abuse by a former employee of the school, but this was the biggest settlement so far achieved.

This particular Claimant had sustained long term psychological and emotional damage as a result of the abuse, which had continued to affect him in adulthood. Farleys took into consideration the impact the claimant’s ongoing psychiatric problems had on their daily life, arguing on his behalf that he also had a reduced earning capacity due to the psychological effect of abuse. We were also able to overcome any limitation difficulties, as the claimant had assisted in the criminal proceedings of the abuser, providing a statement to the police.

Initial offers were rejected and negotiations were entered into with Lancashire County Council before we eventually secured a settlement for the claimant of £95,000. For myself and the department it was particularly pleasing to succeed in a case where the abuse had taken place over 40 years ago.

This case is a good example of historic abuse where for many years the Claimant had not felt capable of coming forward and talking about what had happened. It serves to demonstrate that when claimants do eventually feel they are able to come forward and talk about the horrific abuse they have endured that a significant settlement can still be obtained, even in cases where the abuse has occurred decades before. Personally, I am finding with many of the group actions we deal with that Claimants keep coming forwards many years after the first instruction was received. In the last week I have received two new instructions from victims in Rochdale who only now feel strong enough to speak about what they went through even though the abuse in Rochdale has been headline news for over two years.

If you have suffered abuse, however long ago this may be, it is important that you take advice from a specialist Solicitor. Here at Farleys we realise the prospect of pursing an abuse claim can initially seem daunting, which is why our dedicated team of expert solicitors are on hand to support you throughout the entirety of your claim. Our wealth of experience acting for clients in this complex area of law allows us to successfully negotiate a settlement tailored to your individual needs. To speak to an abuse claims solicitor please call 0845 050 1958, or complete an online enquiry form. Alternatively, we also run a free online chat service, for further details see here.