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Eye Injury Compensation Claims

Making a Personal Injury Claim After an Eye Injury

At Farleys, we understand the significance of a serious eye injury and the impact this can have on your daily life. Often, early treatment and care is important when an injury to the eye has occurred, which is why we can assist you in seeking an admission of liability from the responsible party and an interim payment for necessary treatment as soon as possible.

All eye injuries are serious; however, we are also aware that the impact on you as a person and on your family will vary depending on your individual circumstances. We take the time to assess your case individually as no one case is the same. For instance, your eye injury may prevent you from doing your job and cause you to suffer substantial loss of earnings.

We know that a claim for compensation isn’t just about the physical injury itself, but also the long-term impact on you and your family, and the psychological effects of coming to terms with a life-changing injury.

Time Limits on Making an Eye Injury Claim

The time limit to bring your claim will depend on how the injury occurred and we recommend that you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure you don’t miss out on the possibility of making a claim for compensation.

In the majority of cases we act under a Conditional Fee Agreement (no win no fee) and this can be discussed in detail during an initial consultation along with any other questions you may have.

Types of Eye Injury Claims

Examples of the types of injury that we deal with are:

Whether you suffered your injury as a result of an accident at work or on public property, through medical negligence, or from a criminal injury, our expert team of specialists are on hand to advise you on the possibility of making a claim for compensation.

You can read about one of our eye injury claims in this case study.

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