Browse through the Spring/Summer 2021 edition of our In Touch magazine, packed full of tips and advice for you and your family.

This issue covers:

  • No Fault Divorce
  • Bamboo – An Increasingly Recognised Treat to Buildings
  • The Importance of Patch Testing for Hair and Beauty Treatments
  • Workers Guide to Whistleblowing in the Workplace
  • Land Registry Fee Increases
  • Cohabitation, Children and Common-Law Marriage
  • Who Inherits an Estate if Someone Dies Without a Will?
  • ACAS Early Conciliation -What is it? What Do I Do?
  • Witnesses of Violent Crimes Against Loved Ones May Be Eligible for CICA Compensation
  • Changes to Laws on Using a Mobile Phone While Driving

Plus information on our charity partnership with Changing Faces and case studies of our recent work.

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