It has been reported that the Court Service is looking at moving divorce to an online process.  At this stage the suggestion is to introduce a very limited pilot scheme.  Similarly, it may be the case that initially only the application will be submitted online.  Realistically a fully online service that is available to all is likely to be some way off.

While there has been some minor tweaks to the divorce process over recent years, moving to an online process would be an opportunity to overhaul the whole process and, in particular, see an end to the current fault-based divorce.

It seems anachronistic to many family lawyers these days that, unless parties are willing to put off divorce until they have lived apart for two years, one spouse has to blame the other for the breakdown of the marriage.  Making the procedure to get divorced simpler is not the same as making divorce easier.  I believe most couples do not separate lightly and come to the conclusion their marriage has ended without much soul-searching.  Couples are encouraged to try and be amicable when they do part, more so where there are children involved.  Forcing one spouse to blame the other to obtain a divorce does nothing to support that approach.  It is time to assign the blame game to ‘Room 101’.

As more services move online it is inevitable that divorce becomes one of them but, hopefully, it will bring with it a more modern approach to the reasons needed. Whatever the outcome, the family team here at Farleys Solicitors make sure they are always up to date with current procedures and are happy to provide advice to any couples who feel that divorce is the only option.

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