A LEADING UK fraud lawyer has been included in a prestigious who’s who publication for his outstanding contribution to the legal profession.

Paul Schofield, a partner and head of the special casework unit at Farleys Solicitors, has been nominated to be included in Debrett’s People of Today 2007.

Debrett’s People of Today is an annual publication which lists 25,000 of the UK’s most significant and influential people and is used as a reference guide by a wide range of companies, education institutes, political figures, media organisations and charity groups for research purposes.

Nominations for Debrett’s People of Today are considered by an established editorial panel, with 1000 new entrants being selected for the 2007 edition.

In 2005, Paul successfully represented one of five defendants charged with fraud – two of whom were police officers – in a case relating to the importation of thousands of high value motor vehicles from Japan. Paul and a colleague travelled to Tokyo to gather defence evidence as part of the fight to clear his client’s name.

Current cases, details of which cannot be released for legal reasons, include electoral fraud, very high value money laundering, international trafficking of prostitutes and serious fraud cases.

Paul, who joined Farleys in 1977 and lives in Blackburn, said: “It is unusual for lawyers to be rewarded in publications outside of the profession, and I would imagine it is unique for a lawyer from Blackburn to be included in Debrett’s, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out I had been nominated for the 2007 issue – but also an honour.”

“Inclusion in Debrett’s is a great achievement for me personally and for Farleys as without the support of the first class team at the firm, personal achievements like this would not be possible.”

The 19th edition of People of Today, which includes Paul Schofield, is available now in hardback, CD-ROM and online formats.

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