On Thursday 19 July 2018, the IICSA held its third preliminary hearing regarding the investigation into the institutional responses by Nottinghamshire Councils to allegations of Child Sex Abuse.

With only ten weeks until the Inquiry, commencing on 1 October 2018, the preliminary hearing was convened at the IICSA headquarters in London to discuss ongoing preparations and provisional timetables.

Complainant Core Participants to the Inquiry are individuals who were sexually abused as children whilst living in the care of Nottingham City Council or Nottinghamshire Councils. The Inquiry’s case studies concern:

  • Adults who were sexually abused as children at Beechwood Children’s Home,
  • Adults who were sexually abused as children whist living in foster care
  • Adults who, as children, suffered peer-on-peer child sex abuse.

The IICSA panel has also stated that it will consider the experiences of Complainant Core Participants whose experiences do not fit into one or more of the case studies.

Following the conclusion of the Inquiry, the IICSA will provide an analysis of failures in institutional response to child sex abuse in Nottinghamshire. The IICSA will also make recommendations to Nottinghamshire Councils and other relevant bodies as to how best to respond to allegations of child sex abuse and how to prevent the same.

To this end, Complainant Core Participants have submitted witness statements to the IICSA providing an insight into their experiences of Child Sexual Abuse. The statements may be adduced as written evidence during the Inquiry. Moreover, should they desire, Complainant Core Participants may have the opportunity to adduce oral evidence at the Inquiry. This involves appearing at the Inquiry as a witness to answer questions about the abuse they suffered.

At Farleys, we are committed to protecting the anonymity of the Complainant Core Participants whilst ensuring that their voices are heard. Farleys Solicitors and other representatives of Complainant Core Participants are working with the IICSA to ensure that the Complainant Core Participants they represent are provided with the opportunity to request that their evidence is adduced in their chosen form. Should it be suitable for our client to provide oral evidence, we will work with the IICSA to impose special measures to protect their identity.

Farleys have already settled claims for various Claimants in relation to physical/sexual abuse at Beechwood and other institutions in Nottinghamshire and subsequent Data Protection Act 1998 breaches. We also have extensive experience in claims against social services where they have failed to appropriately respond to allegations of abuse by Claimants. We continue to receive new instructions and suspect that there are many more victims still to come forward.

For further information about the IICSA or to speak in confidence with one of Farleys abuse claim specialists, please contact us on 0330 134 6430 or if you would prefer to email you can do so here.