Farleys’ medical negligence team was approached by a woman who had suffered lasting pain and suffering after receiving negligent treatment from a medical professional.


Ms O attended her local hospital to see a specialist regarding pain in her hips. She was advised that she needed two hip replacements due to both hips being bone on bone. These operations would be completed on two separate occasions so Ms O would have some time to recover.

The first operation for a hip replacement resulted in one of her legs appearing 1.4cm longer than the other due to the cut being made too high causing a lengthening of the leg. This also caused a tightening of muscles and tendons in the leg, causing Ms O to experience discomfort.

Her second operation on the other hip was supposed to take place 3-4 months after her first but she eventually underwent the operation 8 months later. After the second hip replacement, Ms O experienced continued pain. She had difficulties at home with everyday tasks and bending down so required assistance and relied on crutches for mobility.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Ms O instructed Jane Chadwick of Farleys’ medical negligence team to pursue a claim on her behalf through NHS Resolution, the body responsible for resolving disputes occurring from NHS treatment.

A breach of duty was admitted and Jane instructed independent medical experts to assess the treatment received by Ms O and to provide reports on the impact of the negligent treatment as well as any future treatment needed.

Jane submitted a claim on Ms O’s behalf for the pain and suffering she had endured, the cost of medication and pain relief, travel expenses, care and assistance at home, and aid and equipment needed at home to assist her mobility.

Jane and her team successfully secured £50,000 in damages.

Jane commented,

What should have been a fairly straightforward operation for Ms O which many people go through every year has resulted in a great deal of pain and a lasting impact on her life due to the negligent procedure. We were happy to have recovered this compensation for Ms O and hope the funds will provide some financial stability while she recovers from her experience.

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