The inquest into the death of Baby T at the Royal Oldham Hospital concluded that he died aged 8 weeks due to inadequate care.

Baby T was born at the Royal Oldham Hospital with a congenital abnormality which was noted on his cranial ultrasound scan.  He was referred to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and had a standard blood test to test his hormone levels as a result.

He was discharged on 23rd March 2018 without the blood results being checked.  Baby T had two further hospital admissions, one on 11th April 2018 and the second on 14th April 2018 and again the blood results, which had been available since 22nd March 2018 were not checked.

Had the results been checked at any stage after 22nd March 2018, not only would Baby T not have been discharged, he would also have been given treatment which, on the balance of probabilities, would have saved his life.

The Hospital Trust accepted that there were 14 failures in their care of Baby T, with missed opportunities, due to a lack of robust systems compounded by the human error of a number of clinicians.

The Coroner concluded that Baby T died of natural causes contributed to by neglect.

Baby T’s mother was represented by Kelly Darlington of Farleys Solicitors and Sam Harmel of Kings Chambers.

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