Farleys Solicitors LLP are supporting the Land Registry’s drive to encourage greater voluntary registration of land.  The Land Registry are currently offering a 25% discount on the registration fee and until 30 September 2009 Farleys Solicitors LLP are offering to match the Land Registry’s discount to bring our clients a 50% discount on the cost of voluntary first registration.

Only 75% of land in Lancashire is currently registered, leaving many landowners in danger of encroachment and loss of valuable property.

If you have owned your property for more than 25 years it is likely that your title will still be unregistered.

Why register?

  • It helps protect land from encroachment.

  • You can identify your landholdings, simplify your title and computerise your records, making ongoing management of your landholding easier.

  • You are more easily identified as owner of your land.  This enables the Land Registry to notify you when anyone makes a claim against part of your land and enables potential purchasers to communicate offers to you for your land.

  • Registration consolidates and stores relevant information in one place.

  • Buyers usually expect land to be registered before they will buy property.

  • Even if you have lost your deeds or have difficulties in proving your title you may still be able to register your land.

  • The Land Registry indemnify owners against any losses caused by errors in the Register of Land.

What will it cost?

The Land Registry fee is based upon the value of the land so the cost can range from as little as £30 for land worth up to £50,000 to £525 for land worth over £1 million.

Farleys Solicitors will match the Land Registry’s discount so the highest fee you could pay for registration is £262.50 (based on land value over £1 million).

Farleys Solicitors’ fees are payable in addition and depend upon the complexity of your title and the time spent on your behalf.  We will confirm our fees with you prior to incurring any costs on your behalf.

If you are unsure whether your title is registered we can do a check at HM Land Registry for £50.00 plus VAT.

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