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Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP
Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP

Head Injury / Brain Damage Claims

Any head injury suffered in an accident has the potential to result in significant damage. Whilst relatively minor head injuries can lead to concussion or dizziness, more serious injuries can leave the victim with impaired vision, physical or cognitive problems, or even permanent disability.

Due to the serious nature of brain injuries it is vital that you consult a personal injury solicitor with experience in serious injury claims. This will ensure that you receive the maximum level of compensation in your claim, allowing you to fund any ongoing medical treatment, cover any loss of earnings that you may have incurred and are likely to incur in the future, or make any adjustments to your home that may be required following the injury.

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We realise coping with the effects of a head injury can be a big adjustment, for both you and your family. Our dedicated team harbour relationships with professional support groups and recognised medical professionals who we can put you in contact with to allow you to work through the struggles you may be facing.

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If you feel that you may have a head injury claim, our experienced personal injury solicitors are happy to discuss your case free of charge and with no obligation. We will offer you a full, honest review of your case, discussing all the options available to you.

Due to the complex nature of head injuries and the amount of variation between each individual case, it is very difficult to summarise the amount of compensation that a brain damage claim could result in. Over the years we have secured tens of thousands of pounds for those affected by head injuries, allowing them to move forward with the next phase of their life.

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Our expertise in this area of law allows our dedicated team to secure the best possible outcome, helping to support you through this difficult period. To speak to one of our experts today, call 0333 331 4065.

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