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Debt Advice Recovery Farleys Solicitors
Debt Advice Recovery Farleys Solicitors

Bankruptcy Advice and Assistance

Due to job loss, or other life changing event, many people are now facing the prospect of Bankruptcy; either by a creditor bringing a petition or a petition for your own Bankruptcy.  This is commonly known as a ‘debtors Bankruptcy petition’.

If you have mounting debts, and you are struggling to make your monthly payments, then you need to take debt advice.

Bankruptcy is only one option, there may be other solutions more suited to your debt problems.  An Individual Voluntary Arrangement or debt management plan are often alternatives.  Farleys will advise you as to the best option after considering your particular circumstances.

If it is concluded that Bankruptcy is the best way to proceed, we will assist you by,

  • Advising You on all Aspects of the Bankruptcy Procedure
  • Book your Hearing at the County Court
  • Assist and Help You Complete the Bankruptcy Forms
  • Writing to Your Creditors to Obtain an Up To Date Balance, and Ensuring they Contact Us Rather than You
  • Advising on the Hearing Itself (court etiquette, etc.)
  • Advising on the Post Bankruptcy Procedure and its Implications
  • Being a Source of Advice / Information Throughout the Procedure

The ‘hand-holding’ service Farleys offer takes the stress out of what is already a difficult time.

Farleys Solicitors also offers free advice on,

To find out more about our Bankruptcy advice and assistance please contact us today on 0845 050 1958 or you can email us.

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Debt Advice Recovery Farleys Solicitors

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