Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends, when many of us give and receive gifts and even a time when special announcements are made but how can all of this change the contents of your Will?

Christmas Gifts

Are you expecting to receive any extravagant Christmas presents this year? These could come in the form of items of jewellery, furniture, clothes, cars or any other high value or sentimental items. In order for these items to be passed on to your chosen person in the event of your death, make sure you spend some time, once the excitement has died down, to add these possessions to your Will.

Engagements/Changes in Arrangements

Christmas is one of the most popular times for announcing engagements. This is also the most important time to look into the contents of your Will. For example, if you have received an engagement ring that you wish to be passed to your spouse or family in the event of your death or if you would like to include your new fiancé as a beneficiary in your Will, these will all need to be added. Remember, once you get married, your original Will will automatically be cancelled.

Executor of Your Will

If you haven’t reviewed your Will for a year or more, circumstances may have changed in relation to who you have chosen to execute your Will. The original executor may have sadly passed away, you may have divorced/separated from them or you may have got married and would prefer your new spouse to be the executor of your Will.

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