Since 2020, cyclists on the roads have risen by a staggering 300%. Unfortunately, what comes with that figure is also a high number of road traffic accidents involving cyclists. Whether you’re a pedal cyclist, motorcyclist or even a unicyclist, being knocked off your bike on the road is a scary situation.

From our experience of dealing with accidents involving cyclists, we have created a list of what we believe are the essential steps to take following an accident:

1. Seek medical attention

First and foremost, if you have been seriously injured you should get medical help, whether that be by ambulance or a trip to A&E.

2. Take details of the motorist

You should get their name, address and vehicle registration. This is a very important step.

3. Take photographs of the scene of the accident

This should include the positions of the vehicles if possible and the damage to the car and your bike. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with the driver of the car after the accident, be sure to take a photograph of their registration number.

4. Check if there are any witnesses to the accident, and obtain their details

You should try to get their name and telephone number at the very least, and ask them if they would be happy for someone to contact them after the accident.

5. Contact the police

Although the police may not attend the scene if there is not a serious injury, you will be able to get a police reference number and they may investigate the incident.

6. Make an appointment with your GP

If you don’t believe your injuries require emergency hospital treatment, make sure to get an appointment with your GP. This will assist in making a claim for personal injury as your injuries will be documented by a medical professional.

7. Keep hold of your bike

Bicycles and motorbikes can be very expensive, sometimes more expensive than a car. It may be that arrangements will need to be made for an inspection of the bike to assess the cost of repairs or a replacement.

At Farleys, we operate the majority of our personal injury cases on a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement. If you or a friend/family member has been injured in a cycling accident, contact one of our experienced team for a no obligation assessment of your case on 0845 287 0939 or complete our online contact form.