The UK immigration system can be a complicated maze for the uninitiated and this can mean employers are missing out on hiring the talent they want and need.

Here we bust the top 5 myths around hiring international graduates.

1 – We have to advertise the job to show no one in the UK can do it

That’s not the case where someone is on a Tier 4 visa and will be applying for their Tier 2 working visa in the UK. As long as the company holds a Tier 2 sponsor licence and has an unrestricted certificate they can allocate, they don’t have to exhaust all applicants in the UK before appointing the international student.

2 – We would have to pay someone on a Tier 2 visa £30,000 a year

Again, where someone is switching from Tier 4 and their Certificate of Sponsorship is for an initial 3 years, they can be paid the new entrant rate – which could be £20,800. The experienced rate would apply when extending the visa at the end of the initial period. This means that international students will be able to take graduate entry level jobs without the employer needing to pay them more than usual.

3 – A student can just extend their Tier 4 visa to work for us

Unfortunately, there is no option for students to extend their Tier 4 in order to look for work or take up employment. Whilst the Tier 4 visa generally allows students to work up to 20 hours during term time and full time during vacation periods and once their course has ended, it is not for the purposes of long term work and students have to switch into another visa before their Tier 4 ends, or return home.

4 – It’s too complicated to hire an international student

Whilst the Tier 2 process can appear daunting, with the right guidance it can be a fairly straightforward application. Once your licence is granted, it is then easy to create and assign a certificate of sponsorship for the individual which is then used for that person’s Tier 2 visa application. The key is to understand the process before starting and making sure you know what obligations you will have as a sponsor.

5 – Tier 2 is the only option and the job isn’t skilled enough

If Tier 2 isn’t appropriate, perhaps because the skill level of the job isn’t high enough or the position is an internship, then Tier 5 might be more appropriate. In some circumstances an overarching body can act as a sponsor rather than an employer. Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange are for a limited time but can be useful to help both the employer and prospective employee fill a position and gauge whether Tier 2 is an appropriate route in future.

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