I have just been listening to a Radio 5 Live programme where various callers have been relating sad but familiar tales of abuse by family members. It never ceases to amaze me, as a Child Abuse Claims solicitor, how many people out there have been affected by abuse as children. The thrust of the programme emphasised that despite the passage of time those affected can still bring the offender to justice. In one particular case recounted on the programme, there was a 20 year gap between the offence and the successful prosecution of the offender.

Thankfully for the victims of abuse, the law recognises that suffering caused by abuse never really goes away. As such, you can make a claim for psychological, physical or sexual abuse regardless of how long ago the abuse took place. I hope that all abuse victims appreciate that just because the abuse happened decades ago, this does not prevent you from seeking to bring the offender to justice and more particularly, from where I can help, from seeking compensation either form the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, from the offender, or if appropriate his or her employers.

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