The flags of St George are flying wherever we look this June; on cars, buildings, draped from windows and down sides of houses. A month, when a large proportion of society gets swept along in the madness that is Football; and this year it is Euro 2016 in France.

Research has shown that during any major Football Championship the level of relationship difficulties escalates significantly. Lancaster University conducted research a few years ago using data provided by Lancashire Constabulary that showed in the three World Cup football tournaments of 2002, 2006, 2010 the reports of domestic abuse when England played and lost rose by 38%. When England won, the reports of domestic abuse increased by 24%.

In 2014, Lancashire Constabulary widely publicised support and assistance they could offer during the World Cup. Social Services report the same concerns.

This year, the same concerns are apparent. West Yorkshire Police have made over 800 arrests prior to the commencement of the tournament due to the “worryingly high volume of calls” they had received in previous tournaments.

Football brings out the Best of British but sadly the worst too. We all partake in the work’s sweepstake or Farleys’ Euro 2016 shirt competition but behind closed doors, the passion of the game and the pain of loss or joy of winning, often aggravated by alcohol, brings fear and terror to many families. The arguments, threats, intimidation, physical assaults all intensify.

It may only be for a month, but domestic abuse should never be tolerated in any situation. Football is not a reason or an excuse for abusing a partner or member of your family.

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