Professor Alexis Jay has today delivered her Report into the sexual abuse of children in the Rotherham area between 1997 and 2013.

She has concluded that at least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation with children as young as 11 being raped by multiple perpetrators.

The similarities between the Rotherham Report and the Rochdale Report are startling.

  •  The perpetrators of the abuse were mainly of Pakistani heritage.
  •  The children suffered threats of extreme violence to force compliance.
  •  Witnesses were threatened.
  •  There were failings on the part of the Council who “underplayed” the scale of the problem.
  •  There were failings on the part of the Police who failed to prioritise the issue.
  •  The children were trafficked between other cities.

We are presently acting for various Claimants in relation to the Rochdale abuse rings and certainly the report of Professor Jay emphasises what we already knew – that many children were badly let down during the 1990’s and 2000’s by Councils and Police who failed to protect them and who failed to treat their sexual abuse as a crime.

There are now 1,400 young adults in the Rotherham area whom will all be fighting to overcome the terrible psychological effects of what they have been through.  They all have potential claims against the Council, the Police, the perpetrators of the abuse and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

For more information about pursuing a compensation claim for abuse, our team of solicitors can help. Whilst it may seem a daunting prospect, our lawyers have helped many victims of abuse to complete claims in a safe and confidential manner. It is important to remember that any abuse suffered in scenarios such as those mentioned above are not your fault, and could have been stopped or prevented if those in positions of power had acted.

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