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Fixed Fee Bankruptcy Service

Fixed Fee Bankruptcy Service

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The solicitors in Farleys’ personal insolvency department understand how frightening and stressful bankruptcy can be. In addition to the financial and emotional stress that can often be  experienced during this time, there is also the pressure of completing the Court papers correctly, along with other associated documentation. Creditors also need to be contacted and kept at bay during the bankruptcy proceedings.

At this time, the last thing you need is the daunting prospect of solicitors fees spiralling out of control when you’re trying to get your finances under control.

Farleys have recently launched a service specifically designed to help and assist with the bankruptcy procedure – Bankruptcy Assist. The service, described as ‘handholding’ you through the bankruptcy process, provides all the help and assistance you require to see you through bankruptcy, and back into financial health. Every aspect of he service is provided by a qualified solicitor for a set fee of £550 + VAT.

If you are facing bankruptcy or have debt that seems to be spiralling out of control, the insolvency and bankruptcy solicitors at Farleys can help. To speak to an insolvency specialist today, call 0125 460 6090or email us.

What Does Bankruptcy Assist Cover?

Before offering you the fixed fee service, we promise that a specialist insolvency solicitor will give FREE advice as to whether bankruptcy is the best solution for your debt problems. If bankruptcy is not the best option, we will advise you as to what we consider the best plan of action to be. This may be an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or a Debt Management Plan (DMP).

If bankruptcy is the most effective way of dealing with your debt issues, then we can assist with our fixed fee service.

Our Bankruptcy Assist service covers:

  • Relief from Creditor Pressure
    We will contact your creditors to advise them we are your new solicitors and for them to contact us from this point.
  • Help and Advice on the Bankruptcy Procedure
    We will draft the bankruptcy petition for you and help you complete the Statement of Affairs. As solicitors we can then ‘swear’ you to the documentation.
  • The Bankruptcy Hearing
    We will book the court hearing for you and advise you about the hearing itself.
  • We are here to Answer your Queries and Concerns
    We will take any amount of telephone calls from you to ensure you have all the information and advice that you need.
  • Advice on Post Bankruptcy Issues
    Our solicitors will offer you advice regarding your interview with the Official Receiver, and any matters arising from this such as dealing with your home and any other assets.

For a free consultation with a Bankruptcy Solicitor, call Farleys Solicitors now on 0125 460 6090 or contact us by e-mail.

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