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Supermarket and Shop Accident Claims

Supermarket and Shop Accident Claims

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Every day millions of us visit a supermarket, petrol station, shop or shopping centre.  For most of us, the experience is pain free and without incident. However, on occasion, accidents occur which can range from suffering minor injuries to devastating injuries.

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Common Shop / Supermarket Accident Claims:

Examples of such accidents may include:-

  • Items being incorrectly stacked thereby causing injury to another;
  • Damaged/defective flooring which could cause a person to trip and suffer injury;
  • Food/liquid spilt onto floors, which is not removed and may ultimately cause an accident to occur.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury in a supermarket, superstore, shop, shopping centre or petrol station, it might be possible to pursue a claim for compensation.

The team of experienced personal injury solicitors at Farleys are happy to discuss your personal circumstances and the likelihood of you being able to pursue a claim successfully free of charge. To speak to a solicitor about your accident, call 0125 460 6090 or email us and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Claiming Compensation for an Injury in a Shop or Supermarket

All occupiers of premises have a duty under the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957 to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of all visitors to the premises.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case and in many situations where accidents occur, the occupier of the building is in breach of safety regulations, and as such, the injured party may make a compensation claim against the relevant person/body/organisation.

Failing to maintain a good/adequate cleaning/inspection record which results in accidents occurring will find the occupier in breach of their duty of care.  A failure to place warning signs/notices when the occupier anticipates a potential danger will also be seen as a breach of their duty of care to lawful visitors.

Even if you think you may have partly been to blame, you could still be eligible to make a claim. If you are unsure of your position in any way, it is extremely important that you seek the advice and opinion of an experienced personal injury solicitor.

By pursuing a claim for personal injury in certain circumstances it will raise an awareness which may ultimately prevent others sustaining a similar fate.  Furthermore in a lot of cases the owner may have to make alterations and/or changes to their premises to prevent any future accidents.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

In addition to receiving compensation for the physical and/or psychological injury sustained, you can also recover extra costs (also known as Special damages) such as:-

  • Loss of income (due to being unable to return to work)
  • Prescriptions and over the counter medication costs
  • Physiotherapy and associated costs
  • Care and Assistance (in certain circumstances you may require additional help from extended members of family to assist you either around the home or to go shopping for you or to help with the children, dog walking  etc)
  • Associated travel costs for you having to attend upon your GP, hospital, solicitor, medical expert and any other people in connection with your accident
  • Any personal possessions which may have been damaged in the accident

Any compensation award settled in your claim will be passed to you in its entirety.  There are no hidden fees and no legal fees which you will be required to pay.

Contact a Specialist in Shop/Supermarket Injury Claims

Farleys Solicitors LLP is a long established firm of solicitors with a dedicated team of personal injury solicitors with a wealth of experience in pursuing personal injury claims against supermarkets, shops, superstores and shopping centres.

We help you claim the compensation you deserve and offer a free initial consultation where we will assess the circumstances of your accident. Our highly experienced, dedicated team of personal injury solicitors will provide clear, no nonsense advice as to the prospects of success and the most appropriate way to pursue your claim.

To begin your claim for an injury suffered in a supermarket, shopping centre, petrol station or other retail environment, or to seek free initial advice, call Farleys today on 0125 460 6090 or email us via our simple online enquiry form.

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