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Infant Claims

Infant Claims

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Farleys Solicitors is experienced at handling children’s personal injury compensation claims. Whether you suffered an accident or injury as a child and are 18-21 years old, or whether you are a parent with a child under the age of 18 who has had an accident or an injury, our personal injury solicitors can advise you about making a no win no fee compensation claim.

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Anybody under the age of 18 is regarded by law as an infant. For a child to make a personal injury claim, he or she must be represented by a parent, guardian, or other suitable adult. Normally, any claim should be started as soon as possible after an accident occurs to make it easier to recall the details and to locate witnesses. However, you may also bring a claim for personal injury within 3 years of your 18th birthday. To speak with a Farleys solicitor who specialises in infant claims please call 0125 460 6090 to discuss the basis of your claim.

A Compensation Claim Could Help You Get the Help You Need for Your Child

When a child suffers an unexpected injury or illness, this affects not just your child, but is traumatic for the entire family. If the injury has long term consequences for the well-being of your child and your family then any compensation you win by making a personal injury claim on behalf of your child can help ease the burden of the additional care and expenses that you have had as a result of the accident. You will know that the money is there to look after your child – whether the injury is minor and just requires you to take a few days off work or whether your child will require lifelong care and adaptations to the family home.

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Farleys Solicitors can guide you every step of the way through your children’s accident claim to reduce your stress and make sure that any damages your child wins will be invested in the wellbeing of your child. We can also advise you about the special rules which apply to children’s accident claims.

If you, a family member or someone you know has been injured are under 18 and would like to make a claim, contact a No Win, No Fee Farleys Solicitor now on 0125 460 6090 or contact us by e-mail.

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