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Mesothelioma Claims

Mesothelioma Claims

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Mesothelioma is a form of cancer which commonly affects the lining of the lung, but can also affect the lining of the abdomen and heart. Most cases of mesothelioma can be attributed to exposure to asbestos, usually in the workplace. Employers have a duty to provide a safe environment for their employees and should protect them from exposure to hazardous substances. If they have failed in this duty, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

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Making a Claim for Mesothelioma

Being diagnosed with mesothelioma can have a devastating impact on the lives of both you and your family. Although treatment is available that can reduce symptoms and increase life expectancy, no cure has been found to date.

The mesothelioma claims solicitors at Farleys will fight to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for you. Our experienced lawyers understand that time is of the essence and will deal with your claim efficiently and professionally. To speak to a solicitor today about pursuing a claim for mesothelioma, call us on 0125 460 6090.

No Win No Fee Mesothelioma Compensation

We understand that no amount of compensation can make up for the hardship you and your family will face, with but it can help you with your needs and provide financial security for your family.

Wherever possible, Farleys will pursue your claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, meaning that you won’t be asked to pay a penny. There are no hidden fees to pay to us and you will keep the entirety of any compensation awarded.

Contact a Specialist in Mesothelioma Claims

At Farleys we have qualified solicitors who specialise in industrial disease claims and have extensive experience in dealing with asbestos exposure resulting in mesothelioma. We will handle your claim with sensitivity and always act in your best interests. In addition, our specialist solicitors know how to approach your claim in order that you receive the highest amount of compensation possible.

For free initial advice on pursuing a mesothelioma claim, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0125 460 6090 or email us today  to arrange an appointment.

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