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Gym Accident Claims

Gym Accident Claims

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Around 4.5 million adults currently hold gym memberships in the UK, with an increasing number of people joining.

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Gyms and leisure centres can be great places to keep fit or relax, provided the correct Health and Safety standards are met. It is the owner of the establishment who is under a duty to provide a safe environment for its members and visitors. Unfortunately, this duty is not always upheld and, as a result, accidents can occur, some of which resulting in severe injuries.

If you have been injured in an accident of any kind in a gym or leisure centre, Farleys Solicitors can help you make a claim for compensation.For free initial advice on claiming compensation for an accident in a gym or leisure centre, call a specialist personal injury solicitor at Farleys on 0125 460 6090.

Causes of Gym Accidents

The gym is an inherently dangerous place and there are several common causes of accidents:

  • Faulty or poorly maintained equipment (e.g. treadmill / rowing machine)
  • Trip or slip on wet or uneven flooring
  • Incorrect advice from a gym instructor
  • Inadequate training or induction session
  • Hit by stray object (e.g. sports equipment)

The dedicated personal injury team have a great deal of experience in acting for clients in gym injury claims and are sensitive to the fact that injuries can have a devastating effect on lives.

We will pursue your claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis wherever possible, meaning that pursuing a compensation claim can be done without any cost to you.

Compensation for Gym Accidents and Injuries

If you have had suffered an injury following an accident in a gym or leisure centre, you may be able to receive compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering caused by the injury
  • The effect the injury has had on your day to day life
  • Loss of earnings if you have been unable to work
  • Property damage
  • Medical / travel expenses
  • Loss of earnings of your carer (e.g. a relative or friend)

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To speak to one of our specialist gym accident claim solicitors, call Farleys on 0125 460 6090 or email us and a solicitor will contact you.

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