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Personal Injury case studies farleys solicitors
Personal Injury case studies farleys solicitors

Burnley Slip, Trip, Fall Accident – Mr P Awarded £8,153

On the 11th May Mr P was attending his local Co-operative store to purchase some groceries. Upon entering the store Mr P proceeding to make his way to the chillers, situated at the back of the shop.

Whilst walking down the aisle Mr P slipped on a section of wet floor causing him to fall to the ground, during which his leg twisted outwards. As a result Mr P landed on his right knee with such an impact that he immediately began to experience severe pain and discomfort to both his knees and back. Mr P was then taken to the Urgent Care Centre at Burnley General Hospital where he received treatment for his injuries.


How Farleys’ Personal Injury Team Helped

After receiving a medical assessment detailing the extent of the damage caused by the fall, Mr P contacted Farleys’ specialist personal injury department who immediately pursued a claim on his behalf.

The Co-operative denied liability for the accident on a twofold basis. Firstly they denied that the accident had taken place and secondly they confirmed that cleaning signs had been erected around the area of Mr P’s fall. They alleged that they had viewed CCTV footage which did not show an accident taking place; however they then proceeded to delete the footage without disclosing the same.

Mr P confirmed that there was in fact a “wet floor” sign near to where his accident occurred, but that the sign was some metres away incident site.

Due to the defendant’s denial of liability Farleys then called upon an independent witness on Mr P’s behalf to provide a statement detailing the events of the incident. However upon presentation of this evidence, the defendants provided contradicting statements from various employees who stated that the accident had not taken place and confirmed that these employees would attend Court.

The matter could not be resolved out of court and went to trial this year. The claim was settled in Mr P’s favour. In total Mr P received the sum of £8,513.74 in damages for his injuries.

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