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Personal Injury case studies farleys solicitors
Personal Injury case studies farleys solicitors

Manchester Road Traffic Accident Claim – Mr B Awarded in Excess of £2,000

Farleys Solicitors LLP acted on behalf of Mr B who was involved in a road traffic accident on Tariff Street, Manchester. Mr B was stationary in his vehicle having dropped friends off at a venue in Manchester. As Mr B was readying to move away from his stationary position his vehicle was struck by a vehicle being driven by the other party.

The accident occurred late at night and there were no independent witnesses to the accident. Mr B instructed Farleys Solicitors to act on his behalf. An experienced Personal Injury solicitor attended on Mr B and discussed funding options with him. It was deemed that the most appropriate way of dealing with Mr B’s case was on a No Win No Fee basis. Farleys then spent time with Mr B going through in detail the circumstances of the accident before setting out to the Insurers of the other party involved the full facts of the matter.

As a result of his involvement in the accident, Mr B suffered injury. He was wearing his seatbelt at the time but was thrown around by the force of the impact. He suffered injury to his hip, neck, upper back and shoulder blade region. Following the accident Mr B attended upon his General Practitioner and was advised that he should keep moving as much as possible and take Paracetamol. Mr B was restricted in his ability to carry out his full range of tasks in the workplace as his job involved in prolonged periods of time standing as well as lifting.

How Farleys’ Personal Injury Team Helped

After approaching the representatives of the third party, it became clear to Farleys that liability was going to be disputed. Those representing the Defendant indicated that the accident had been caused by Mr B’s actions. Fortunately, Farleys’ Personal Injury team have extensive experience acting for people in cases where liability is disputed.

A detailed sketch plan and photographs of the scene of the accident were obtained as well as the documentation from Mr B’s insurers who had repaired his vehicle.

Farleys then arranged to obtain Mr B’s General Practitioner records and secured a medical report from an appropriate expert to deal with the extensive soft tissue injuries which Mr B had suffered.

Those representing the third party then issued Court Proceedings against Mr B. Farleys Solicitors acted on his behalf in defending the claim being brought against him and also in bringing a Counter Claim against the party at fault for the accident for the uninsured losses which Mr B had suffered in the form of his personal injuries as well as his insurance excess and acted on behalf of Mr B’s insurers as well. A detailed Defence was filed by Farleys on behalf of Mr B and filed at Court. In order to prepare the Defence, an expert barrister was instructed to assist in the preparation of Mr B’s case.

Once these steps had been taken to protect Mr B’s position, Farleys Solicitors then discussed with Mr B the value of his injuries based upon the expert medical report which had been obtained and entered negotiations with those representing the third party.

Fortunately, Farleys were able to bring the claim to a successful conclusion for Mr B, securing damages for him in excess of £2,000.

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