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Personal Injury case studies farleys solicitors
Personal Injury case studies farleys solicitors

Blackburn Cyclist Accident – Mr V Receives £275,000 Compensation

Our client, Mr V, approached Farleys’ personal injury team following a road traffic collision which occurred while he was out cycling in Blackburn.

It was a clear, dry day when Mr V was travelling on his bike along Railway Road in Blackburn. A taxi pulled across the path of Mr V causing him to collide with the vehicle.

Mr V was thrown over the handlebars of his bike and, despite wearing a helmet, suffered two lacerations to his right eye and eyebrow, as well as multiple bruises and contusions.

He was taken to hospital by ambulance where he was treated for the injuries he had sustained. The cuts were cleaned and sutured and Mr V was discharged.

Shortly afterwards he returned to Hospital complaining of confusion and headaches. He was allowed home following a CT scan. Three days later, an ambulance was called to Mr V’s home after his family became concerned as he had been suffering from nausea and vomiting as well as confusion and loss of speech. Once he was seen at the hospital, it was thought that Mr V may have been suffering from post-concussion syndrome following the blow to the head that he sustained in the accident.

In the time since his accident, Mr V has suffered continued headaches, problems with his speech, memory, and anger issues as well as stress and anxiety. Due to all of these factors, he has been unable to work since the accident.

Mr V instructed Farleys’ personal injury team to work on his behalf to claim compensation for the physical and psychological injuries he had suffered from the road traffic accident.

The experienced team worked extremely hard to gather evidence from witnesses, medical records, and medical experts to build a case that linked the complex physical and psychological effects to the accident.  Damages were pursued from the party at fault to compensate Mr V for his lost income and injuries, as well as covering his medical costs and future loss of earnings due to being unable to work.

Following negotiations with the Defendant, a settlement substantially in excess of £250,000 was agreed upon.

Nick Molyneux, Partner in Farleys’ Personal Injury Team commented;

This case is another example of the risks facing cyclists on the roads of Lancashire on a daily basis. One brief loss of concentration, can have a devastating and life changing effect on other road users.

We were extremely pleased to be able to assist our client in this highly complex and challenging case, by claiming these vital funds for treatment and to give him financial peace of mind now that he is unable to work. We hope that he is now able to move on from this experience and rehabilitate.

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