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Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP
Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP

Accrington Injury at Work Claim – Mr W Awarded in Excess of £5,000

Mr W of Accrington was involved in an accident at work whilst working for a local company.

Following a dispute with a manager, Mr W was man-handled causing him to fall and injure his thumb. His thumb was bent back to such an extent that it caused a strain to the ligaments and joint. Whilst not immediate, the pain and swelling were such that Mr W needed to attend hospital and required a course of physiotherapy to ensure he recovered full movement in the joint.

The pain caused by the injury at work meant that Mr W found it difficult to sleep and to use his hand for a time afterwards. This also meant he was unable to pursue his normal activity of Martial Arts. He was off work for several months causing him to lose over £4,000 in earnings.

The company did not accept responsibility for the accident. Mr W consulted the personal injury team at Farleys.

How Farleys can help with your injury at work

Farleys industrial accident specialists were immediately able to help Mr W to bring a claim since the company had not provided Mr W with a safe place of work and had not avoided acts likely to injure  him. They ensured Mr W saw the correct medical experts and obtained the correct treatment.

Despite the company vigorously defending its position in the Courts, the experienced compensation claims team at Farleys, working with expert Counsel, achieved in excess of £5,000 in compensation for Mr W.

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