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Medical Negligence Farleys Solicitors LLP
Medical Negligence Farleys Solicitors LLP

Medical Negligence During Labour – Ms I Awarded £13,500

Our client, Ms I*, approached Farleys’ clinical negligence team after a traumatic experience during the birth of her first child.

Prior to getting in touch with Farleys, Ms I had been admitted to her local maternity ward while in labour. While the labour was progressing, what was later found to be an incorrectly calibrated machine indicated the need for intervention in the delivery of her baby in the form of an instrumental birth.

Despite delivering a healthy baby and being discharged, our client suffered complications herself and was readmitted to hospital a short time later needing a blood transfusion. At home, she had been in immense pain and fearing for her life. She was diagnosed with infected stitches and had suffered a haemorrhage which caused haematoma and resulted in excruciating pain for Ms I.

It was established that these complications came about as a result of the instrumental birth which in itself turned out to be unnecessary and was only triggered by the incorrectly calibrated machine.

Ms I was unable to return to her job as a teacher right after her maternity leave and, when she did eventually return, she was placed on light duties but still struggled due to the psychological impact of the accident. She also struggled to bond with her baby, having been taken away from the baby for some time while she received treatment.

She suffered anxiety and significant psychological affects for a number of months and was worried about going through child birth again despite wanting to grow her family.

Ms I instructed Farleys to make a claim of her behalf for compensation for the medical negligence she’d experienced.

Farleys’ specialist team reviewed medical records and instructed professionals to draft medical reports. We built an extensive case which detailed where and how the negligence occurred and the negative impact, both short and long term, this had had on our client. As a result, we successfully claimed £13,500 in damages. This compensation will cover the costs of treatment, therapy and rehabilitation for our client to overcome the experience.

Jane Chadwick, Associate Partner and Medical Negligence Solicitor commented,

This was a great outcome for our client. After the trauma and stress she experienced during what should have been the wonderful first few weeks of her baby’s life, we hope she can find the closure she needs through the financial support of this compensation.

*Some of our case studies have been anonymised to protect the privacy of our clients.

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