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Inquests Farleys Solicitors LLP

Emmanuel Buyoya – Death at HMP Parc, South Wales

Mr Buyoya was 20 years old when he died. Mr Buyoya appeared at Cardiff’s Magistrate’s Court on 23 December 2005 where he was charged remanded to HMP and YOI Parc in Bridgend.


“We, the jury, have unanimously agreed that Mr Emmanuel Buyoya, on 29th June 2006, took his own life whilst the balance of his mind was disturbed.

“Emmanuel Buyoya was received on remand at Parc Prison on 23rd December 2005 for alleged offences. During his time at Parc, he was moved to the segregation unit on two occasions, the second occasion lasting from 23rd March 2006 until his death on 29th June 2006. We feel that this was a conside4rable length of time for a young and venerable person to be in segregation, but unfortunately, this was the only option available o Emmanuel at that time. We also feel that his mental health deteriorated to such an extent, it contributed to him taking his own life. We also feel that the documentation and communication of Emmanuel’s everyday behaviour, such as his violent outbursts and sometimes bizarre behaviours, should have been more closely monitored and recorded more accurately, and this was a missed opportunity for a better and more relevant care plan to have been put in place for the wellbeing of Emmanuel”.

The coroner intends to make rule 43 recommendations in respect of there not being an establishment in Wales that can adequately care for vulnerable youths similar to Emmanuel.

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