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How Fraud Cases Work

How Fraud Cases Work

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Every case is obviously different, but we are determined to achieve the best possible result for our client as early as possible in each case.

Examples of how we achieve the best possible results for our clients are:

  • Investigation stage – it is extremely important that we are involved from the outset so that the best possible advice before, during and after any interview(s) under caution can be provided.  This advice, coupled with a pro-active approach during the investigation period, often results in no prosecution being brought against our client.
  • Court proceedings – if a client is charged, expert representation in court and pro-active preparation of the defence can sometimes stop a prosecution in its tracks.
  • Trial preparation – if a case does go all the way to trial, then sustained preparation of the defence case and with attention to detail paramount is essential.  This approach certainly pays dividends once the trial itself starts.
  • Trial – defence Counsel and Leading Counsel will have been involved in all aspects of defence preparation throughout.  They will have been carefully selected and instructed, with the result that the conduct of the trial itself will be first class to give the client the very best chance of achieving an acquittal.  We will as solicitors continue to support the client and defence Counsel throughout the trial.
  • Appeals – if necessary Appeals to the Courts of Appeal, and the High Court can be properly pursued.

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