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Confiscation Proceedings

Confiscation Proceedings

If you have been accused of a crime and are worried about the potential of confiscation proceedings, the solicitors at Farleys’ SCU (Special Casework Unit) are available to provide legal advice and support.

Our SCU has all the appropriate resources in place to begin preparing a case for your defence immediately. Call 0333 331 7126 or email us for a prompt appraisal of your legal situation.

UK Confiscation Orders

Once a defendant has been convicted of a crime, a confiscation order may be put in place in order to ensure said defendant cannot benefit from the financial proceeds of their crimes.

The UK courts view any item which has been acquired wholly, or in part, with the proceeds of a crime, as a benefit of that crime. Thus, it may be that a property has been purchased using £60,000 of the defendant’s money and £30,000 which the court has identified as being the direct proceeds of criminal activity. In such a situation, the property would therefore be liable for confiscation.

Benefits of Criminal Activity

When determining the amount of benefit a particular individual has received as a direct result of crime, the court is entitled to make some assumptions.

For instance, if the court decides that the defendant has been leading a ‘criminal lifestyle’ for the previous 6 years, all expenditure and acquisitions during said time may be assumed to be the benefits of criminal conduct, thus making them liable for confiscation.

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If you would like more information about UK confiscation proceedings, have been threatened with a confiscation order or would simply like to speak to an experienced lawyer about any aspect of serious fraud, business crime or post-conviction confiscations, call us now or request a callback.

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