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Concluded Cases

Concluded Cases

Please find below brief descriptions of business crime, serious fraud and regulatory cases in which we have defended court proceedings or have successfully achieved an outcome of our client not being prosecuted:

  • Operation Maple: R v IBM & others – Our client was 1 of 6 defendants arrested and charged in relation to the sale, manufacturing and possession of designer drugs known as “legal highs” once they became illegal. The operation saw up to 200 parcels being dispatched a day and as far afield as Australia. The drugs involved had a street value of £3.6m. Our client maintained his innocence and stood trial at Bolton Crown Court this year. Our client was acquitted by the Jury after an 11 day trial.
  • Operation Crow: R v JR & others – Our client was 1 of 7 defendants arrested and charged with conspiracy to evade duty on Class A drugs.  Our client denied his involvement and the original trial at Maidstone Crown Court in 2014 was aborted due to legal issues.  A further trial was ordered and that commenced in April of this year.  Following 18 days of the trial the trial again collapsed and our client was formally acquitted by the Judge.
  •  Operation Elveden: R v JH & others – Our client was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office whereby it was alleged he had sold material to the Sun Newspaper. Our client had maintained his not guilty plea. He stood trial at the Old Bailey this year and following a 51 day trial he was acquitted by the Jury.
  • Operation Duma: R v. HS & others – VAT fraud (Carousel/MTIC) involving mobile phones and alleged loss of revenue of £50m.  Case to be re-tried in the Midlands in January 2011.
  • Fraud case: R v. JLB & 1 other – Midlands case involving alleged fraud over 2 to 3 year period with loss over £300k, and associated money laundering.  Client found “not guilty”.
  • Operation Champion: R v MMK – Alleged money laundering of the proceeds of drug dealing by international money transfers approaching £1 million to the Middle-East. Case concluded at Leeds Crown Court with the prosecution offering no evidence following defence representations.
  • R v MA & others – Firearms case tried at Wood Green Crown Court, London.
  • Operation Pylon: R v. SJ & 17 others – Mortgage fraud at Mold Crown Court involving very high values and lengthy period of time.  Our client a mortgage broker.
  • Operation Lilywhite: R v PH & 12 others – Tax Credit fraud at Liverpool Crown Court.
  • Operation Chancellor: R v. AA & 10 others –  Manchester Crown Court case involving alleged waste disposal/weighbridge fraud.
  • Operation Bittern: R v. DMC & 6 others – conspiracy to evade duty relating to large scale importation of cigarettes over lengthy period of time causing very high value losses to the Revenue.  Case prosecuted by HMRC.
  • Operation Scuba: R v. MA, MA, & FM – SOCU investigation into alleged money laundering involving the transfer of substantial amounts of money from the UK to the Indian sub-continent over a period of several years. Following lengthy representations made, no prosecution was brought
  • Operation Magnate: R v. NLS & many others – SFO/South Yorkshire Police investigation into alleged conspiracy to defraud and money laundering arising from compensation claims made on behalf of miners and mineworkers.   Our client not prosecuted.
  • Operation Humidity: R v. STB & 13 others – HRMC prosecution of an alleged VAT fraud involving approximately £1.7m.  Our client one of only three acquitted in 2009 after trial at Liverpool Crown Court.
  • Operation Buckeye: R v. SK & 7 others – HMRC prosecution of VAT fraud involving smuggled cigarettes and alcohol; our client was charged with money laundering and was acquitted after a trial by jury at Manchester Crown Court.
  • Operation Storm: R v. NJ & others – SOCA investigation into alleged “boiler room fraud” involving very large amounts of money/dealings in shares/international elements – Far East, Caribbean & Europe.   Our client was not prosecuted.
  • R v. AT & any others – City of London investigation into identity theft and a hundred million euro fraud.  Our client not prosecuted following pro-active defence conducted on his behalf.
  • Operation Windsock: DS & others – cigarette smuggling £2m duty evasion case brought by HMRC involving importations from China via the USA; our client found not guilty by jury at Manchester Crown Court.
  • Medicines Act prosecution: R v. JS & 1 other -Department of Health prosecution relating to alleged offences of importation of “Viagra” from the Far East.  Not guilty verdicts recorded against our client at Southwark Crown Court.
  • Engineering fraud: R v. JT, LT & 9 others – West Midlands Police Economic Crime Unit investigation into alleged Revenue fraud involving engineering parts and other goods.  Very long investigation (3 to 4 years), ultimately our clients were not prosecuted.
  • Trading Standards: R v. SM – Trading Standards investigation into approximately £5m worth of counterfeit clothing in Manchester. Our client was not prosecuted.
  • HSE v. TS & 2 others – Joint Police and Health & Safety Executive lengthy investigation following fatal accident at a building site.  Our client was not prosecuted.
  • DEFRA prosecution: R v. AB – involving a professional fisherman and quotas – client acquitted after trial.
  • IFA fraud: R v. CM & 4 others – Cheshire Police investigation into alleged fraud by Independent Financial Adviser and others, also alleged money laundering by our client.  Our client was not prosecuted.
  • Insurance fraud: R v. BF, NS & 1 other – case involving theft by employees of approximately £2m from insurance company following alleged fictitious accident claims; money laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings at Stoke on Trent Crown Court.
  • Trading Standards: R v. IB – solicitor/estate agent in Lancashire charged with alleged Trading Standards offence (property mis-description).  We won the case both at the Magistrates Court and at the High Court in London following an unsuccessful Appeal by the Prosecution.
  • Operation Cloudlet: R v. AH & 3 others – HMRC prosecution of  £1.5m VAT fraud involving international travel and retail food outlets.
  • Operation Cambist: R v. IK & 9 others – HMRC case involving large scale importation of tobacco and cigarettes and alleged evasion of £22m.  Case at Manchester Crown Court.
  • Operation Tandem: R v. DAK & 4 others – waste disposal conspiracy to defraud over lengthy period involving approximately £4m of public money paid by a County Council in the North West of England.
  • Operation Talmine: R v. RK & 7 others – electoral fraud case concerning alleged misuse of postal/proxy voting system in the General Election.
  • Electoral fraud: R v. MA & 2 others – case in Lancashire involving misuse of proxy voting system in local elections.
  • Banking fraud: R v. MG – case involving fraud by bank manager and subsequent Proceeds of Crime Act proceedings at Preston Crown Court.
  • Trading Standards: R v. WS – Trading Standards prosecution at Manchester Crown Court involving allegations of extensive trading in counterfeit clothing.
  • Operation Adult: R v. NE & 7 others – large scale money laundering case arising from alleged mortgage fraud and cannabis factories.
  • Operation Norfolk: R v. BD & 9 others – solicitor charged with money laundering; case dropped by Crown Prosecution Service months before trial following extensive representations made on behalf of our client.
  • Operation Flourish: R v. DCW & 8 others – solicitor charged with money laundering; case dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service following extensive representations made on behalf of our client, months before trial.
  • Operation Telephoto: R v. SB & 6 others – alleged money laundering against conveyancing lawyer.  CPS agreed to drop the charges against our client following representations made.
  • Operation Tangier: R v. NT – international case involving substantial fraud surrounding the importation of high value motor vehicles from Japan via Dubai and elsewhere, known as “grey imports”.  Defence trip to Japan to locate and take statements from various witnesses.  This was instrumental in the CPS dropping the case against our client prior to trial in London.
  • Operation Illusion: R v. IM & 1 other – client acquitted after a trial involving high value money laundering allegations arising from car hire business.
  • Operation Tancred: R v. SH & 7 others – Proceeds of Crime Act Proceedings following substantial international fraud involving damp proof coursing and other building activities.
  • Operation Contact: R v EH & 14 others  – “crash for cash” – alleged conspiracy to defraud and money laundering arising from staged road traffic accidents and fraudulent personal injury claims.  Several million pounds involved.

Concluded Cases: Serious Crime

Please find below brief descriptions of a selection of concluded cases in which we have defended court proceedings or have successfully achieved the outcome of our client not being prosecuted:

  • Operation Downpour: R v. CP & 12 others – large scale importation and distribution of controlled drugs, case concluded at Birmingham Crown Court.
  • Operation Sifona: R v. NA, ZM, YS, RH, RY, IM, ZF & 1 other – Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in the North West.  Case concluded at Preston Crown Court.
  • Extradition proceedings: R v. CP – Government of Spain applying for extradition from the UK in relation to alleged involvement in supply of controlled drugs on the continent.  Case tried at City of Westminster Magistrates Court, London.
  • Operation Greengage: R v. NN & 24 others – substantial importation of Class A drugs and firearms from the continent. Case concluded at Liverpool Crown Court.
  • Operation Fixture: R v. IM & many others – alleged conspiracy to commit violent disorder following Premier League football match.  Case dealt with at Preston Crown Court.
  • Operation Tomato – R v RQ & Others – Multi-handed conspiracy to supply cannabis in East Lancashire. Case concluded at Burnley Crown Court.
  • NUT referral: R v. CF – Allegations of sexual abuse by teacher on teenage pupil. Case dealt with at Preston Crown Court.
  • Historic abuse: R v. CGS – ‘Cold Case’ rape dating back to 1968. Dealt with at Preston Crown Court.
  • Operation Kinglet: R v. RK  –  pilot of a light aircraft charged with conspiracy to import £2m of cocaine from France to small airfield in Shropshire.  10 defendants in total.  Client acquitted after full trial at Liverpool Crown Court.
  • R v. DA – Multi millionaire charged with alleged offences of attempted rape, sexual assault, threats to kill and false imprisonment.  Acquitted by jury on all charges following a 4 week trial at Leeds Crown Court (the jury took less than 1 hour to return unanimous “not guilty” verdicts).
  • Terrorism case: R v. AJ & others – a counter-terrorism investigation leading to the prosecution of four persons, known as “The Blackburn Resistance”.  Our client was not prosecuted, following very lengthy Police Station interviews.
  • Extradition proceedings: R v. JR & 6 others – involving Spanish authorities attempting on three separate occasions to extradite client and others from the UK.  Case heard at Bow Street and City of Westminster Magistrates Courts in London.  All three applications to extradite were defeated, over a two year period.
  • Operation Trespass: R v. BQ & 8 others – conspiracy to murder involving alleged arrangement of a shooting by persons in prison having access to mobile phones. Client acquitted following a 7-week trial at Preston Crown Court.
  • R v. SK & others – Conspiracy to commit robbery involving an armed gang alleged to have shot a security guard in the leg and stolen £20,000 in cash.  Our client acquitted at Preston Crown Court.
  • R v. CBA – Police investigation into alleged causing death by dangerous driving following fatal RTA on M61 motorway.  Our client not prosecuted following pro-active defence on his behalf.
  • Operation Ivy: R v.  VTK & 7 others –  international people trafficking case involving ladies from Eastern Europe, for the purposes of prostitution, along with confiscation proceedings.
  • Operation Tigerfenix: R v. OSS & 6 others – importation of Class A drugs valued at approximately £15 million into Wales from Brazil by boat.
  • Operation Holly: R v. NAT  – International trafficking for the purposes of prostitution of ladies from Brazil via mainland Europe into the North West of England.
  • Operation Jupiter/Viola: R v. HG & 9 others – Conspiracy to murder case arising from gangland killings in 2009.
  • Operation Thalia: R v. SS, GK & 1 Other – cannabis factory case.
  • Operation Topaz (2): R v. MJ  – conspiracy to supply Class A drugs on a large scale over a 5 year period involving 12 defendants.
  • Operation Merge: R v. YP & others – counterfeit currency case at Sheffield Crown Court, following investigation by SOCA into widespread counterfeiting of UK and euro bank notes and coinage.
  • Operation Palma: R v. AS & 13 others – benefits agency prosecution of widespread benefit fraud based in Manchester involving approximately £1m.
  • Operation Favour: R v. DW – alleged large conspiracy to supply Class A & B drugs involving 12 defendants in the North West of England.
  • Operation Tench: R v. GL, KS & others – large conspiracy to supply Class A drugs across the North West of England in 2010.

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