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Serious Crime

Serious Crime

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The Farleys Special Casework Unit (SCU) is staffed by a team of experienced serious crime solicitors, whose previous legal experience has furnished them with the necessary skills and expertise to prepare for criminal defence in the most complex of cases.

We ensure that every lawyer interested in joining the SCU acquires substantial experience of dealing with mainstream criminal defence work before we will consider them for inclusion. At Farleys, we believe this experience is an essential prerequisite for solicitors who wish to tackle the complex fraud, business crime and other serious crime cases, regularly handled by the SCU.

Criminal Defence

As an example, Farleys’ SCU has dealt with cases involving:

  • Murder and all other forms of homicide
  • Terrorism
  • International people trafficking
  • Drugs importations
  • Extradition
  • High level drugs conspiracies
  • Kidnapping and blackmail
  • Historic sexual abuse
  • Cold cases

If you have been accused of a serious crime and are in need of a reliable and experienced team of solicitors, Farleys’ SCU is here to help.

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If you feel you would benefit from a consultation with an experienced serious crime solicitor, the team at Farleys’ SCU are available to answer all your queries and concerns. Our lawyers regularly provide legal advice and guidance and criminal defence services to clients accused of the most serious of crimes.

Call 0125 460 6090, or complete the enquiry form to speak to a qualified serious crime solicitor today.

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