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Legal Aid for Serious Fraud

Legal Aid for Serious Fraud

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If you have been accused of serious fraud or business crime in the UK, but are struggling to gather the funding to pay for legal fees, the Special Casework Unit (SCU) at Farleys may be able to help.

Farleys has held a contract with the Legal Services Commission (LSC) for many years, and our team of criminal law and serious fraud solicitors are well equipped not only to provide expert assistance to clients during Police and HMRC interviews, but also to provide advice regarding legal aid. This service may be completely free of charge, irrespective of the financial means of the client.

Legal aid is provided by the UK government, and is intended to help people who cannot afford legal fees or access the courts to protect their basic rights. The LSC awards legal aid based on an assessment of the following conditions:

  • Financial means of the applicant
  • Legal merits tests laid down by Parliament

Legal aid is available for clients who are prosecuted for serious fraud and are required to appear before the courts. The serious fraud and business crime solicitors at Farleys will be happy to provide helpful, reliable advice regarding every aspect of the legal aid application process.

If Legal Aid is not Available

If a client’s financial means are such that provision of legal aid is not deemed appropriate by the LSC, private rates will be applied.

Farleys SCU charges exceptionally competitive rates, which are always agreed in advance between solicitor and client. Legal fee estimates will differ dependant upon the kind of casework required, but will remain valid for the duration of the case.

For More Information

For information and advice regarding legal aid and the funds available to help those accused of serious fraud or business crime meet their legal costs, contact the team of serious fraud lawyers at Farleys SCU on 0125 460 6090 or e-mail us.

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