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Expert Witnesses

Expert Witnesses

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An expert witness is a person whose training, education and experience qualifies them to comment upon certain aspects of a court case; they are deemed to have knowledge on a particular subject extending beyond that of the average person. Whatever their particular area of expertise, an expert witness is intended to provide the court with an objective, unbiased opinion, uninfluenced by the pressures of litigation.

The team of serious fraud and business crime solicitors in Farleys’ Special Casework Unit (SCU) have developed working relationships with experts in a variety of fields, and therefore have a large base of expert witnesses to call on to support clients’ cases.

Whether your particular situation requires the testimony of an expert witness specialising in:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Accountancy
  • VAT
  • Telephonic Research
  • Forensic Science

The team of lawyers at Farleys’ SCU will have an appropriate contact, capable of fulfilling the requirements of the case.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a niche specialty, and it is therefore important that a serious fraud, business crime or criminal law solicitor has contacts with highly regarded hardware and software expert witnesses. At Farleys we are capable of calling upon the services of computer forensics experts, whose capabilities include:

  • Data recovery, regardless of hardware/software failure
  • Analysis of computer systems to uncover vital evidence
  • Reverse engineering of computer systems

All of which can be critical in the gathering of evidence relevant to SCU clients’ cases.

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The Farleys SCU solicitors can call upon the services of forensic accountants, scientists and computer forensics experts to bolster your case. To speak to a specialist fraud or business crime lawyer today, call 0125 460 6090, or complete the enquiry form.

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