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Family Divorce Law Farleys Solicitors LLP
Family Divorce Law Farleys Solicitors LLP

Forced Marriage

Forced Marriages

A forced marriage can be defined as a marriage which takes place without the full consent of one or both parties.

Not to be confused with arranged marriage, the victims of forced marriages are often subjected to threats, violence and abuse on both physical and emotional levels and can even be abducted and kept in isolation.

If you know someone who you fear is being forced into marriage, or are yourself at risk of forced marriage, it is important that you speak to a family law solicitor as soon as possible. The forced marriage solicitors at Farleys can help you apply to the Court to obtain the necessary order to prevent the marriage taking place.

Legal Advice on Forced Marriages

Since November 2008, family law courts in England and Wales have had the power to prevent forced marriages taking place under the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act 2007.

As family law solicitors dealing in the area of forced marriages, we are able to help you to obtain a Forced Marriage Protection Order. In cases where the individual involved is unable or too fearful to attend Court, it may be possible for someone else to obtain the Order on their behalf.

Since June 2014, forcing someone to marry against their will has been a criminal offence. Also, the acts that surround the victims of forced marriages, including assault, kidnapping, abduction, imprisonment, rape, and the breaking of any court order that has been put in place to prevent a forced marriage occurring, are criminal offences.

Victims of forced marriage are often extremely vulnerable, and the extreme violence and threats they are subject to can put their life in danger.

Contact a Forced Marriage Solicitor

To speak to a solicitor about a forced marriage that involves you or someone you know, call us on 01254606008. Farleys have Urdu and Punjabi speakers within our family law team to assist you where necessary.

To speak to a solicitor outside the hours of 9am – 5pm, or at the weekend, please call our emergency crime number on 01254 606050, or alternatively, you can email us.

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