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Family Divorce Law Farleys Solicitors LLP

Spousal & Interim Maintenance

Legal Advice on Interim Maintenance Options

Interim maintenance is paid during divorce proceedings and is intended to provide financial support to a spouse until a full and final financial resolution can be reached.

Interim maintenance can be paid by either party, but is normally paid by the family’s highest earner. If an agreement cannot be reached, you must obtain an order from the court to secure interim spousal maintenance, and it is therefore advisable to seek advice from a qualified UK family law solicitor.

At Farleys, our specialist team of divorce and interim maintenance solicitors provide reliable, professional legal advice to individuals involved in divorce proceedings who wish to claim interim maintenance. It is essential that the appropriate amount of interim maintenance is agreed or obtained in court, in order to ensure the welfare of both parties and that any children have their standard of living maintained.

Our experienced family law solicitors will remain compassionate and professional during what can be an extremely stressful time, advising clients of potential interim maintenance amounts. With over fifty years’ experience of family law with offices in Blackburn, Manchester and the North West, we are more than capable of handling all aspects of your divorce or interim maintenance claim.

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