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Family Divorce Law Farleys Solicitors LLP

Freezing / Securing Assets

Advice on the Freezing of Assets When Divorcing

The freezing or securing of joint financial assets during a divorce should be considered as a last resort in situations in which one party involved is attempting to dispose of, or squander, family or matrimonial assets.

The specialist family law team at Farleys Solicitors is thoroughly experienced in all aspects of divorce proceedings, and are well equipped to advise clients on the securing or freezing of existing joint or matrimonial assets.

When your marriage ends, it is important to consult a professional asset protection solicitor before attempting to freeze family or any financial assets; such a procedure requires an in-depth knowledge of UK family law and can, if incorrectly implemented, have severe consequences.  The freezing of matrimonial assets can be construed as an aggressive move during divorce proceedings, should the other party deem it to be unnecessary, and requires a considered approach on the part of solicitor and client alike.

As one of the UK’s leading teams of family lawyers, Farleys Solicitors is more than capable of advising clients on the potential risks involved in the securing or freezing of joint assets, and will remain compassionate, reliable and professional during what can be a highly traumatic, stressful time.

Speak to a Specialist Family Law Solicitor

For more information on the freezing of joint assets or assets in the sole name of your partner or husband or wife, or to arrange for an initial consultation with one of our expert matrimonial solicitors specialising in asset protection, contact the Farleys family law department on
0333 331 5290 or email us.

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