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Actions against the Police Farleys Solicitors LLP
Actions against the Police Farleys Solicitors LLP

Human Rights Claim Prison Assault – Prisoner B Awarded £7,500

Prisoner B was serving a sentence at HMP Lewes. He was allegedly taken hostage by two other Prisoners who tricked him into entering the cell and then slammed shut the cell door barricading it against entry by Prisoner Officers. Prisoner B was subjected to alleged ill treatment whilst in the cell and after being freed was subjected to inhuman and/or degrading treatment by Prison staff.

How Farleys’ Claims Against Public Authorities Department Helped

Prisoner B instructed Farleys Solicitors to bring a claim on his behalf against the Prison Authorities alleging that they were negligent in operating a system where Prisoners could lock cell doors themselves and also alleging breach of Article 3 of The European Convention on Human Rights and also contravention of Article 8 of The European Convention on Human Rights in the treatment given to Prisoner B after he was freed from the hostage situation. Proceedings were issued and the matter listed for trial when The Ministry of Justice, on behalf of the Prison Service, agreed to pay Prisoner B damages totalling £7,500.00.

Commenting on the case Partner Jonathan Bridge said, “This is a good example of the types of claim we are now seeing against HMP Prison Service. Not only was Prisoner B let down in that an unsafe system was in operation allowing the doors to be locked by the Prisoners but also the Prison staff were completely unsympathetic to Prisoner B once he was released from the hostage situation and in fact treated him as responsible for what happened. In securing a damages award the breach of Prisoner B’s Human Rights has been recognised”.

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