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Abuse Farleys Solicitors LLP
Abuse Farleys Solicitors LLP

£640,000 After Local Council Fails to Intervene and Prevent Abuse

Expert abuse solicitors at Farleys settled a claim on behalf of Client J. At the time of writing, this case is believed to be the biggest ever award against a Council for their negligence and breach of duty, in failing to remove a child who was at risk of harm.


Client J was born to a mother with a learning disability who had herself been sexually abused. The local council removed Client J from her mother’s care and placed her with other family members, who our client alleged were entirely inappropriate. She then remained with these family members until the age of sixteen when she was made the subject of an Emergency Protection Order.

This claim was centred around the fact that there had been innumerable opportunities for Social Services to intervene and remove Client J, in order to protect her and prevent the ongoing abuse and neglect that she had been subjected to.

How our specialist team were able to help

There were a number of challenging factors in the claim, which was ongoing for over eight years. Numerous medical reports were obtained from psychiatrists and neuropsychologists as evidence to support our client’s claim.

Two joint settlement meetings took place before the claim was eventually compromised in the sum of £640,000 and approved by the Court.

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