Comments made by Sky Sports football commentators Richard Keys and Andy Gray have put the spotlight on the issue of sexual discrimination in the workplace. Whilst commentating on a Premier League match at the weekend, Keys and Grey were recorded making discriminatory comments towards the female assistant referee, Sian Massey.

Keys was heard saying: “Somebody better get down there and explain offside to her”, with Gray adding : “Women don’t know the offside rule.”

The comments made by Keys and Gray implied that they believed Massey to be incapable of doing her job simply because of her gender.

The comments have caused uproar and raise the issue of gender equality in the workplace at large. In this day and age, it may seem surprising that such antiquated views about gender are still held. Football is just an industry like any other, however, in which discrimination still exists in many forms, including age, gender, race and sexuality.

Discrimination is an extremely serious issue, and can result in unlimited fines for employers if proven.  Discrimination can occur whilst an employee is under a contract of employment, during the recruitment process or could even be the cause of a constructive unfair dismissal claim.  If you believe that you may have been subject to workplace discrimination, you should contact an employment solicitor for advice.