Children’s homes run by private firms are being accused of putting profit before the children’s safety.

Calcot Services for Children are now being accused of neglecting and failing children. More and more children have reported being groomed and sexually abused by other children or members of staff. On top of this, the company seems to be making quite a bit of profit, last year it reported a profit of 36%, which is about double what other care providers are making.

Former employees are claiming that parts of the funds allocated to some of the children were not used to help them. Calcot also seem to have repeatedly neglected children that need help by underpaying employees and employing under qualified staff to look after children. Former staff members explained that the local authority had provided extra funding allowing one child to be looked after by three members of staff; however, most of the time only one staff member would be there to take care of the child, which could explain Calcot’s significant profit last year.

Furthermore, a lot of children have brought forward abuse claims, some stating that it was by other children in the homes when they were not being supervised. Calcot is neglecting these children by not employing enough staff to properly care for them.

Calcot also runs some schools and quite a few problems have been reported there. One former student was able to escape multiple times and tried to commit suicide which raises concerns about the security at the school. None of these incidents were ever reported even though Calcot is required to do so.

After all these accusations, Calcot should soon be investigated, which would allow change in the residential care system.

Claims are still being brought forward against Calcot and other children’s homes for their failings in the care of young and vulnerable children. Filing a complaint can enable the victim to receive the necessary compensation to fund medical treatment and therapy, and it can also help prevent similar incidents from happening again.

If you would like to discuss taking legal action against residential care providers for abuse or neglect, you can contact our dedicated abuse line in confidence on 0330 134 6430, or contact us by email or via the online chat below.