A tumultuous week of sex and sport came to an end last week with the loss of two men from our sporting screens. Following comments made about the suitability of women in football, Andy Gray’s dismissal from Sky Sports was subsequently followed by the resignation of Richard Keys.

Gray and his co-presenter Richard Keys were recorded making disparaging comments about Sian Massey, the assistant referee (not linesman) prior to last weekend’s clash between Liverpool and Wolves. The pair were having what they thought was an off air private conversation, discussing women’s understanding (or lack) of the off-side rule. Ironically, commentators agree that Miss Massey made a perfect judgement call during the game on an off-side decision which led to Liverpool’s opening goal (as an Everton fan, I thought it was borderline at best).

The media furore ensued and many have condemned the comments, including a number of female commentators. And yet, ironically, the sheer extent of the media coverage, although highlighting a number of issues relating to discrimination, appears to have had a detrimental effect on the fledgling career of Miss Massey, (the woman in sport whose rights are being championed) who was withdrawn from her duties in the Crewe v Bradford match.

A couple of birds to replace Andy Gray and Richard Keys? Let’s watch this space …