According to advice from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (‘CAB’), Greater Manchester has the 5th highest concentration of people seeking debt advice from the CAB Charity.

The CAB is perhaps the best barometer of debt advice provision and need throughout the country given its network of Bureaus in every town and city in England and Wales. It carried out its latest analysis after studying debt enquiries across its Bureaus between July and September.

The analysis showed that nearly 1000 people received help in Salford for debt and insolvency problems.

The findings further illustrated that there was an increase in ‘priority debts’ such as rent arrears, mortgage and Council Tax debts, whilst consumer debts such as credit cards and personal loans have fallen markedly.

The Charity commented that the debts may be due to people struggling to cover their everyday living costs rather than the more traditional reasons associated with people getting into debt, such as life events like relationship breakdown or onset of illness or disability.

Although the economy is said to be in recovery, the effects have yet to be felt by the majority of the public. Rent and house prices still remain staggeringly high whilst many house buyers struggle to get on the market, resorting to hefty loans and mortgages.

Whatever the reason behind a debt problem, the first thing anyone should do is to seek help as early as possible by contacting a reputable debt advice company or charity or a personal insolvency lawyer. Many people don’t realise that insolvency lawyers such as ourselves offer free initial advice and unlike many CAB’s, which are overrun, this advice can be obtained straight away, without needing to wait on a waiting list.

Here at Farleys Solicitors are specialist Personal Insolvency department have a wealth of experience advising those struggling with debts and finances. Our bankruptcy solicitors are based in Manchester and we can help you by offering a free initial consultation. Please don’t hesitate to call us now on 0845 050 1958, alternatively please complete the online enquiry form.