There has been a recent surge in social media and awareness campaigns of horse riding and road traffic related accidents as a result of riders enjoying hacking out on roads. Such accidents were rife during the spring and summer months when we enjoyed longer and lighter nights.

It is perfectly legal for horses to use the roads just as cyclists and other road users do. Drivers of vehicles are expected to leave sufficient space and drive at a slow speed when passing. Drivers are expected to have regarded the duty of care owed to other road users. Unlike bikes, horses are unpredictable and can be frightened by noise, it’s therefore also sensible to keep noise to a minimum where possible on passing.

However that does not appear to always be the case. I have seen several reports where drivers have been verbally abusive to horse riders on the road and even cases of drivers “revving” their engines in an effort to purposely frighten horses. It goes without saying that this is incredibly dangerous!

This very story features in this week’s edition of the Horse and Hounds Magazine. In this reported case a lady suffered serious injury to her arm as a result of vehicle frightening her horse. Fortunately the horse ran back in the direction of her yard and stables avoiding any further harm.

The victim was awarded compensation via the Motor Insurance Bureau. The government body set up to compensate victims of uninsured or untraced drivers. She also received valuable treatment in the form of Physiotherapy to aid in her recovery.

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