Despite the ground-breaking progress that is being made in the treatment of life threatening illnesses and patient care, a review by health chiefs at the Pennine Acute NHS Trust shows a number of North West hospitals are still falling at the first hurdle. An investigation into the Royal Oldham, North Manchester General, Rochdale Infirmary and Fairfield General revealed 400 patients had been misdiagnosed whilst in the care of the hospitals.

An internal review highlighted the full extent of the Trust’s failings. Of the misdiagnosed cases:

  • 105 involved a possible delay in the treatment or diagnosis of cancer;
  • 280 related to blood clots;
  • 13 involved missed fractures;
  • 20 of the cases were recorded as serious incidents, with 14 causing ‘severe harm’ to the patients’ health and wellbeing.

Medical staff prompted the review following a significant increase in the number of failings reported to the board. Since then the Trust has been under a period of close observation as the Care Quality Commission decide whether intervention is needed.

Although intended to be an exercise targeted at improving quality in patient treatment and care, the investigation has uncovered some worrying truths facing the NHS and the healthcare sector. These shortcomings have demonstrated the scope of which instances of medical negligence can occur. Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis can have serious consequences, especially for cancer sufferers where early diagnosis significantly improves the chances of beating the disease.

There is also the psychological impact to consider, which affects not only the victim but also their emotional support structures including their families. The diagnosis of any serious illness carries with it a heavy psychological burden, as patients are forced to contend with the stress and worry that goes hand in hand with such diseases.

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