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Price concerns needn’t be barrier to divorce

I was reading an article in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph this week that reported many couples in the region are staying in unhappy relationships because they ‘cannot afford’ to split up. The article, which quoted figures from dating website, revealed that almost 7200 married couples in Lancashire would like to split up but are having to hold off due to the financial implications of divorce.
These figures are a cause for concern as whilst it is always sad when a marriage breaks down, the strain of staying in a marriage that is no longer working and is beyond recovery can have wider, long-lasting consequences on the individuals and any children involved.

As one of the largest family law practices in the North West, Farleys receive several enquiries from people seeking a divorce on a daily basis. Due to the continuing fragility of the economy and the slump in house prices over recent years, we are seeing people are deferring on starting divorce proceedings.

Whilst we cannot do anything about the economy or the housing market, we do offer a range of options for clients that can be more affordable than people think.  There are many misconceptions about divorce, one of which being that Court proceedings, which can prove very expensive, is the only route available. Family law solicitors are now more frequently providing alternative solutions outside of court proceedings, such as collaborative law.

If a divorce is undefended, ie. if both parties are in agreement and wish to proceed without argument, there is also the option of a fixed fee divorce. This service is available at £650 plus VAT and any necessary Court fees.

If you would like to discuss the various options available for pursuing a divorce, please do not hesitate to contact myself or any of our team of family law solicitors.

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