As a company business owner, you’ll be no stranger to Companies House WebFiling when it comes to making changes with Companies House online. Such changes include updating the directors’ and/or Person of Significant Control (PSC)’s details, registering legal charges, filing accounts, confirmation statements and so on.

Companies House has now announced its plans to introduce a new improved WebFiling account with enhanced security features – the aim being to give business owners more freedom to self-manage their online accounts.

It is understood that the new benefits to the online service will include:

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • The ability to link your company to your WebFiling account (which in turn gives you more control over filings)

  • Digital authorisation to allow other people to file on your behalf

  • The ability to see who is digitally authorised and remove any authorisations

  • An opt-in option to enable you to receive emails to assist with the running of the company

The aim is to create a single sign-in across all Companies House services.

When the new account has been introduced, users will need to provide some additional details to enable multi-factor authentication on existing accounts which avoids the need for new accounts to be created. In addition, when setting up a new company, you’ll be able to digitally authorise yourself and other directors to file for your company as part of the online incorporation process.

The best part is that once you have linked your company to your online account, you will not need to enter your authentication code every time you file online – phew!

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