Going to the hospital or GP Surgery can often be an anxiety-inducing experience. People put a lot of trust into the NHS and, in rare occasions, that trust is betrayed, often leading to a medical negligence claim.

Why is this happening?

The NHS is being put under growing strain, from staff shortages and poor working conditions to budget cutting and the risk of privatisation. Unfortunately, this strain is going hand-in-hand with a rising number of medical negligence claims brought against the NHS.

Reports show us that the amount of negligence claims brought against the NHS have nearly doubled in the last decade. With almost three quarters of those coming from maternity related damages.

Maternity in the NHS is one of the most strained sectors currently. Official statistics show that in 2022, 57% of midwives in England said they would quit the profession in the next year. If this comes to fruition, it will leave the NHS in a dire position as some midwives have already reported that they are having to look after more than 6 women in labour at a time.

Whilst these issues continue to occur, we have seen an increase in the number of babies born with brain damage and cerebral palsy, due to birthing injuries.

How do claims help?

Anyone who goes into an NHS hospital to give birth hopes for a safe delivery and whatever is best for their baby. On the rare occasion this isn’t provided, a mother and/or baby’s life can be put at risk.

Often times in the event of a medical negligence claim, people simply want justice for what has happened to them. These claims can come from extremely traumatic experiences and raising awareness can go towards helping prevent it from happening to anyone in the future.

Medical negligence Solicitor, Jo Smith said –

Over the last few years there has certainly been an increase in enquiries from members of the public regarding possible claims against hospitals and GPs. People are much more aware of their legal rights and are understandably frustrated at the state of the NHS. Whilst people are sympathetic with the current plight of doctors and nurses they still expect, and are legally entitled to, a certain standard of care and when this is lacking people are well within their rights to get some advice.

How Farleys Solicitors can help

If you have suffered medical negligence and would like to speak to a solicitor about the possibility of making a claim, please get in touch with Farleys Solicitors, to speak to a member of our specialist medical negligence team. Either call 0800 0523 693 or contact us by email.