I’m currently doing a seat in Farleys’ Commercial Property team, and while many transactions follow a similar pattern, no two transactions are the same.  This means that there isn’t really a “typical day”.  However, all days will start with a strong coffee, a quick chat with my team, and taking ten minutes to plan the day.

The content of my day will depend on the matters I’m dealing with and the stage at which they’re at, but typically my days will be spent undertaking due diligence, carrying out research and drafting legal documents.  Although I’d studied these things at university, there’s a real difference between studying law and putting it into practice.  Thankfully, my supervisor has been really supportive and my confidence has grown massively.

As important as time spent in the office is, I’ve realised that time spent outside the office networking is equally as important.  So far, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several networking events on my own and with colleagues.  These events have ranged from eating pizza at the ‘Last Friday Club’ to an organised dog walk along the seafront at Lytham St Annes.  These experiences have been great for my development as a young professional and I’ve made some great contacts so far.

I’ve been impressed by the level of responsibility I’ve had in matters.  Before starting my training contract, I assumed that my role would be one spent very much in the background.  This has not been the case at all.

I assist my supervisor at every stage of the deal, and I accompany him in most of his meetings – where I’m encouraged to participate.  The client interaction I’ve had has been invaluable.  Such is the level of this, some clients are happy to discuss certain matters with me rather than trouble my supervisor.  I genuinely believe that I wouldn’t have had this level of client interaction had I not been at Farleys.

For further information about Farleys’ training programme or to apply for a training contract, please visit our dedicated page or email Training.Contracts@farleys.com.